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Connections between HH Holmes and the Victorian Era:

  • The World’s Fair was a presentation of the most up and coming innovations of the time.
  • The fair occurred every few years in various locations around the world. At the Chicago fair of 1893 forty-six nations were in attendance. It was held in Chicago to commemorate the four hundredth year anniversary of Columbus.
  • It was held right around the corner from Holmes’ castle of torture.  Holmes would often lure attendees of the fair to stay in his hotel and eventually reach their demise.
  • He took advantage of people because of their curiosity by seeming highly informed and intelligent of the next up and coming invention, he had a charm that drew people in. Once he had them in his clutches, however, his methods of torture and murder were rather mid evil.
  • At one point in his life, H.H. Holmes was married to three women at one time. He even killed one of his unlucky brides. His actions show his feeling on women and their interchangeability.
  • H.H. Holmes faked his death to scheme insurance companies while Sherlock Holmes faked his death in “The Final Problem” to evade Moriarty’s men.
  • The story “The Final Solution” was written in 1893 which coincidentally was the year H.H. Holmes attempted his plot.


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